Closet bursting? Can’t close your drawers? Sock overload? Then come clear out your closet at the PMX Fashion Night Market–a Swap Meet specifically for your surplus fashion items!

Fashion Night Market Basic Information

Date: Saturday, November 12

Time: 7:15 PM – 8:45 PM

Location: TBA

The PMX Fashion Night Market will be open on Saturday, November 12 from 7:15 PM – 8:45 PM. Setup time is thirty (15) minutes prior to opening, and teardown time is 15 minutes after closing, so the room is available to vendors from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Entrance to the PMX Fashion Night Market is free for all PMX badge holders. Anyone wishing to sell or trade items will need to purchase table space.

Standard pricing for tables purchased online before the convention is as follows: a half table (2.5 x 3 feet) with one chair costs $10. A full table (2.5 x 6 feet) with two chairs costs $20. In the event of unsold spaces or no-shows at the convention, at-con tables may be sold at a  premium ($15 per half table, $30 per full table). We will only accept exact change.

Night Market Table Sales open Sunday, October 23rd at 7:00 PM!

If we do not have enough participants, we may cancel this event.

Please note that you must agree to these terms in order to purchase a space and to check-in at the time and location of the event.

Terms and Conditions for Vendors

You must agree to the following and sign a printed version during check-in along with a registration form.

  • You are eighteen (18) years of age or older and have read and understand the Basic Information section above and the remaining Terms and Conditions below.
  • Purpose of the PMX Fashion Night Market: The PMX Fashion Swap Meet is intended for the sale of used, pre-purchased fashion items personally owned by the vendors or their friends and family. It is not a discount alternative for the Exhibit Hall or Artists Market. At least 80% of what is sold at your table must have been personally owned and not made by you or held as business inventory. All products brought into the Swap Meet will be inspected, and all items that are in violation of these rules will not be permitted into the Swap Meet.
  • Weapons: The sale or trade of weapons or dangerous materials such as fireworks or flammables are prohibited. Replica weapons must be inspected by PMX Swap Meet staff or PMX Security staff and peace bonded.
  • Quality of Goods: Fashion items must be in good, clean condition. Any unwashed or damaged items may be removed by PMX Fashion Night Market Staff.
  • Bootleg / Counterfeit goods: The sale or trade of unlicensed, bootleg, or counterfeit goods is not allowed (e.g. Dream of Lolita, Oo Jia, etc). However, the sale and trade of handmade, off brand, vintage, and indie goods is allowed. Although, in general, any item that is an infringement of copyright law is prohibited.
  • Table Amenities: Each half table space will be provisioned with one chair. A maximum of two people may be in a vendor’s space whether it is half or full. You may not bring your own table to the swap meet. No electricity or internet is provided, but trash cans will be. Please keep your area clean and throw away your own trash; don’t leave a mess for the other functions using this room.
  • Table Assignments: The location of your space is not pre-assigned and will be decided first-come-first-serve during set up. PMX reserves the right to move any half space vendor without a table-mate in order to free up full tables if necessary.
  • Setup and Teardown: Vendors may access the room thirty (30) minutes before and after the main selling hours. You may use a hand-truck or cart to move your material, but please do so discreetly and don’t disrupt the other hotel guests. At the close of the Swap Meet, all vendors must clear out their belongings. No storage of items will be allowed at the room.
  • Payments and Warranties: Both currency payment and bartering of items is permitted and is up to the discretion of the participants in the transaction. PMX, its staff, and/or the hotel are not legally responsible for the product’s condition or stated condition. All transactions are between the seller and buyer. Sellers have the right to refuse a sale or barter with anyone.
  • Disputes and Enforcement: Any questions regarding the implementation or interpretation of the Fashion Night Market policies are subject to the final discretion of the PMX Fashion Night Market staff. Any instructions given by the PMX Fashion Night Market staff to enforce these rules, the rules or policies of the hotel, and any applicable law must be followed immediately. PMX reserves the right to refuse access to anyone and to revoke PMX Member badges if necessary.

Please note that a valid PMX membership is required to purchase a swap meet table.

In order to purchase a space in the Fashion Night Market, first make sure you are registered for the convention and then use Event Ticket Registration to purchase your spaces. See our Registration page for more information. Note that if you do not pay for your spaces promptly (within 48 hours) your spaces may be forfeited and sold to someone else. If the spaces sell out, you can reserve a spot on the waiting lists.