Industry Passes are valid for the entire convention weekend. They may be obtained by the following three methods:

  1. Pre-registration. You apply online by the pre-registration deadline (November 4, 2016) and are approved before the convention. There is no charge for this method if you meet all the requirements.*Information on the following forthcoming *
  2. Online Application. You apply online but do not qualify for Pre-registration for any reason. We will process your application as pre-con resources permit, including at-con if your application is very late. This method costs $20 per person. Note that approval before the convention does not waive the fee.
  3. At-Con Application You apply in person when you arrive at the convention, and we process your application as at-con resources permit. This method costs $20 per person.**TIP** Pacific Media Expo currently does not accept payment by credit card at the convention site.. At-con registrants are highly encouraged to bring cash or stop at an ATM prior to registering at the Industry/Press office.

**TIP** Industry members are highly encouraged to pre-register for an Industry Pass. Our access to information while at the convention is limited, so Industry Staff may have to deny your application at the convention if they cannot verify your professional status.