I. Visible Badges

Press Badges must be visibly worn at all times during the convention. Attendees without badges will be denied access to all events, programs, and venues, requiring badges.

II. Lost Badges

Lost Press Badges will be replaced at the discounted rate of $20 for the full convention weekend. No exceptions.

III. Appropriate Decorum

The following behaviors are prohibited:

  • Harassing any Guests/Guests of Honor.
  • Requesting autographs or sketches outside the normal autograph sessions.
  • Bringing non-approved members of PMX Press to Interviews, Press Panels, and Press-Only Areas.
  • Unprofessional and/or inappropriate behavior.
  • Taking pictures or video in prohibited areas or events (e.g., special screenings or some guest panels).
  • Being in a Press area that your badge level does not allow (e.g., Emerging Press in Major Press areas).
  • Violation of any policy set forth by the PMX Press Office and/or Pacific Media Expo 2016.
** NOTE:
In the event that any member of press fails to adhere to any policies set forth by the PMX Press Office or any of its departments, he or she forfeits all press badge privileges.