Q1: How much to get into the Swap Meet?

A1: Anyone with any membership can attend swap meet. The unprivileged rule only applies to sellers. The Swap Meet is a PMX Members-only event. Both buyers and sellers need an unprivileged (not press nor industry) PMX membership for the day(s) they are participating (see our Registration page for details).

Q2: Is there parking nearby?

A2: Yes, the convention center has its own parking facility, but it’s not free. There is additional parking nearby.

Q3: Do I need a temporary sellers permit?

A3: It depends. If you have been selling at a swap meet or event ONCE prior to us in a 12-month period, you don’t need one. If you have been selling at a swap meet or event for two times or more prior to us in a 12-month period, you will need one. You may contact the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) (800) 400-7115. Note: A permit is required prior to making sales. Advise the CDTFA if you have an urgent need for a permit.

Q4: I’m going to be selling some cosplay replica weapons. Can I sell them?

A4: Yes you may, but at the discretion of the PMX Swap Meet staff. Replica cosplay weapons must be inspected and peace bonded first. Our security staff and the hotel security will be inspecting the convention on a regular basis.

Q5: Is electricity provided? Any other amenities included?

A5: PMX does not provide electricity or other amenities like internet access, only what is described above. The location may have electrical outlets along the walls, but not everyone will have access to them. If you need internet access, the hotel may have wireless internet for a fee.

Q6: I need special accomodations such as wheelchair access. Can you help me?

A6: If you purchase a table please contact our swap meet staff so we can assist you.