I. Industry Applications & Badges

  1. Industry staff reserves the right to deny any application for any reason at any time.
  2. Industry staff reserves the right to waive fees and/or requirements at their discretion.
  3. There is a limit of four (4) complimentary passes per organization.
  4. PMX reserves the right to deny/revoke any applicant or badge holder. Industry badges are non-transferable and cannot be replaced if lost, misplaced, forgotten and/or stolen.
  5. You may only pick up your own badge. Proxy pick-up of badges for other members of your group is not allowed under any circumstances.

II. Visible Badges

Industry badges must be worn at all times visibly during the convention. Persons without badges will be denied access to all events, programs, and venues requiring badges.

III. Lost Badges

Industry badges cannot be replaced if lost, misplaced, forgotten and/or stolen. For any lost or misplaced badges, please check Con-Ops as well as the Industry Office. If neither office is in possession of your badge, you will have to purchase a regular attendee badge as a replacement.

IV. Appropriate Decorum

Pacific Media Expo determines a “professional” by work ethic, not necessarily the quality of their work. As such, we hold our professional members to a higher standard than our regular attendees. Members that attend Pacific Media Expo using industry badges are expected to act professionally at all times. Once you accept a professional membership, you represent the organization named on your badge at all times during the convention and when dealing with Pacific Media Expo members and staff. The organization named on your membership will be held responsible for your actions, and that organization may be liable for any misconduct on your part. Professional members are expected to behave professionally at all times and must not represent any organization that they are not affiliated with.

The following behaviors are not permitted:

V. Industry Badge Restrictions

Industry badges will not grant you any special access or abilities at Pacific Media Expo.

Furthermore, industry badges have the following restrictions: