Mzre Yuen Cosplay is appearing at PMX 2020.

Featured Cosplayer: Mzre Yuen Cosplay

About Mzre Yuen Cosplay

Mzre Yuen is a Las Vegas-based cosplay model, talk show host, TV personality, and entertainer. She is the host of a video podcast called Mzre Loves Company. She got her big break when she was discovered by MySpace Tom at a rave in San Francisco in 2003. She was offered a job as one of their official models and then went on to work as a promotional model for other brands such as SEMA Show, HyperX, Samsung, and a few others. Mzre started cosplaying before it was ever known as cosplay and would show up at school dressed as her favorite video game and anime characters. She currently owns more than 300 cosplay costumes and has been a featured guest on Fox News, Rotten Tomatoes, and Hell’s Kitchen.

She has also been immortalized by several artists from New York City. New York pop artist The Sucklord created an action figure of Mzre in 2006 and DLL Customs hand cast resin statues of Mzre in 2017. She is also the inspiration for one of the art walls in Coney Island by Lady Aiko. Mzre aspires to inspire others to always follow their dreams and always be themselves no matter what. She loves bringing people together and currently owns two Las Vegas-based cosplay companies, Amazing Las Vegas Cosplayers and Vegas Cosplay Models, where she has helped many new models jump-start their careers.

Mzre is currently a cosplay streamer playing the Dead by Daylight video game on Twitch. She is a survivor main with devotion level 23, which is one of the higher levels in the game. You can find her broadcasting weeknights at

Come and meet Mzre Yuen Cosplay during PMX weekend, November 21 & 22.

Panel: Sunday, November 22

Mzre Yuen Cosplay will be hosting a Q&A panel and discuss her experience with Cosplay, Modeling, and being a Twitch Cosplay Streamer.
  • Time
  • Sunday, November 22
    5PM – 6PM
  • Panel
  • “Cosplay, Twitch, and Modeling”
    hosted by Mzre Yuen Cosplay.