Volunteers & Staff

Want to be part of a creating and running a convention? We’re looking for help! Whether you want to volunteer for a day or help with our pre-con planning, we’re looking for enthusiastic people to join our team!

Pacific Media Expo (PMX) is looking for people to staff for 2020. No convention staffing experience necessary, but hard work, dedication, and good customer service skills are required.


  • Minimum age of 18 (16 with parental consent)
  • Must fulfill a minimum of 24 hours of work at the convention (8 hours per day)


  • Free attendance to PMX
  • Staff badge with custom badge art of your choice (some restrictions may apply)
  • PMX staff T-shirt (if available)
  • Partial room reimbursement
  • One complimentary membership to PMX that you can give to a friend or relative
  • Eligibility for staff raffle prizes

“Is staffing for me?”

Staffing requires hard-work, dedication, teamwork, and availability. We don’t try to work you like a dog, but as with any job, you are expected to follow instructions and perform/complete your duties to the best of your abilities.

Below are some qualities we look for in a staffer:

  • Willingness to Learn – Learning is a life experience. You may find that you enjoy something that you never thought you would.
  • Team Player – You must work well with others.
  • Availability – You must be able to work on all days of the convention, and sometimes outside the convention days.
  • Discipline – You must be able to follow instructions from your Manager and uphold your responsibilities.
  • Fun – You must be able to enjoy yourself.

There are a few ways to join our staff:

1. If you worked as a PMX Volunteer in previous years and are interested in a particular department, contact the Head/Manager of that department. Based on your performance , the Department Head/Manager may ask you to return as staff under his or her department.

2. If a current or past PMX staff member in good standing can refer or recommend you, then have that staff member contact us.

3. If you have skills or experience in a particular field, then one of our departments can use you. PMX is constantly looking for staffers that have certain abilities in the following areas:

  • Anime/Manga Liaison
  • Cinema Liaison
  • Concert Coordinator
  • Cultural Programming
  • Industry Liaison
  • Information/Member Services
  • Interpreter
  • Live Programming
  • Logistics
  • Music Liaison
  • Newsletter/Reporter/Photographer
  • Press Relations
  • Security/Line Control
  • Stage Equipment
  • Tech/Video/Sound Equipment
  • Video Programming
  • Webmaster/Web Programmer

If you think you have certain skills that could benefit the convention in its endeavor to become the premiere convention for Asian pop cultures, then contact us to join our staff.

Staffing isn’t all about work. It’s also about having fun and enjoying the convention, building new friendships and learning new things.