Q: How do I apply for a Press Badge?
A: Please review the Press Badge Qualifications information and submit a Press Registration Form. You will receive a response via e-mail within five (5) business days. If you do not hear back from us, please follow up with the PMX Press Department.

Q: Do I qualify for Major Press?
A: If you work for a major regional, a national broadcast, or a news outlet such as the L.A Weekly, The Los Angeles Times,Variety, KSCI18, etc., and you are here to cover Pacific Media Expo 2015, you qualify for Major Press.

Q: What’s the difference between Emerging Press and Standard Press?
A: Our press guidelines allow new or amateur press to attend and get to know us as we get to know them, while continuing our relations with established press. Emerging Press registrants are welcome to request Standard Press Badges the following year.

Q: What’s the difference between Press Badge Approval and having a Press Badge?
A: A confirmation e-mail will not get you into the convention. You must pick up a physical badge at the Press Office. All members of the press must wear their badges at all times if conducting press-related business during the event. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Q: What do I need when I pick up my badge?
A: To pick up your badge if you have pre-registered, you will need:

  1. A photo ID. You will not receive your badge without one.
  2. A business card
  3. Registration receipt page printout with web registration code.

Q: I’m registered as Emerging Press, but I still want to cover the concerts! How do I gain access?
A: As an approved Emerging Press attendee, your con membership, of course, is complimentary. You are welcome to purchase tickets to special events. PMX will provide professional-quality photos of concerts, and the convention overall, to interested press organizations for use in con coverage. If you seek access to the special event press area/photo pit after purchasing your ticket but prior to the event, you may request an exception from the PMX Press Office.

Q: How do I obtain preferred or assigned seating for special events?
A: Only Major and Standard Press can obtain preferred seating for special events. If you qualify as either and wish to attend an event with special seating, please be present at the Press Office at least thirty minutes before the scheduled event. At the appropriate time, a member of the Press staff will escort all Major and Standard press present to the event.

Q: How do I interview a Guest of Honor?
A: Only Major and Standard Press will be offered preferred seating and access during panels as well as private interviews. Some Guests of Honor (GoH) may also be available for private press conferences. Press members are encouraged to ask questions, but also share the time with other press members and fans. Members of the press are absolutely NOT allowed to bring guests into GoH interviews or Press-Only areas. If you would like to conduct a private interview with a GoH, please contact the PMX Press Office for consideration.

Q: Why might my Press Badge be revoked?
A: More information can be found on our Press Policies page. Reasons for revocation include but are not limited to:

** NOTE:
In the event that any member of press fails to adhere to any policies set forth by the PMX Press Office or any of its departments, he or she forfeits all press badge privileges.