Policies & FAQ

The following policies are subject to change without notice. Please check here regularly for an updated list of our policies and FAQ.

In order to maintain and promote a safe and enjoyable environment for all attendees, their families, and guests of Pacific Media Expo (PMX), we ask that you observe the following rules and regulations:

  1. Please have your badge visible at all times during the event.
  2. Observe the Weapons Policy (see below).
  3. No nudity, including partial nudity. (Body paint is not considered covering).
  4. Rules for wearing masks will follow city regulation or recommendation during the event.
  5. No smoking or vaping, except in areas specifically designated for smoking/vaping.
  6. No smoking or consuming of cannabis (marijuana) on the premises at all times.
  7. No use or possession of any illegal substances, narcotic or other illegal drugs will be allowed on the premises. Anyone found under the influence of the aforementioned substances and drugs will be denied entrance into the event.
  8. No use or possession of an open can, bottle, or other receptacle containing any alcoholic beverages, except in areas specifically designated for the consumption of alcohol.
  9. Obtain consent prior to taking a photograph of others.
  10. Observe and respect all Pacific Media Expo signage and the signage belonging to the facility.
  11. Treat others with respect and dignity as you would like to be treated.
  12. Avoid unacceptable forms of behavior such as physically or verbally threatening, harassing, stalking, annoying, and pushing or shoving others.
  13. Avoid using profanity, racial or discriminatory remarks, sexually explicit or offensive language, and obscene gestures.
  14. Avoid loitering or congregating with the intent to disturb the public peace, engage in any offensive behavior, and/or result in fire hazards in the hallways and other areas inside the facility.
  15. Use proper receptacles for all trash and recyclables.
  16. Avoid violating any federal, state and local law or ordinance.

Anyone violating this Code of Conduct will be escorted out of the event and may be subject to badge confiscation without refund and suspension from any future Pacific Media Expo events. Pacific Media Expo reserves the right to deny entrance into the event and service to any individual or group at any time. Pacific Media Expo reserves the right to make changes to the Code of Conduct at any time.

The goal of the Pacific Media Association (PMA) is to create an environment where attendees can enjoy themselves as much as possible. However, this must be done without affecting the experience of others. This requires the cooperation of all attendees and the use of common sense and courtesy when costuming. PMA bears no responsibility or liability for any damages or injuries incurred by the use of costumes, props, or weapons. Any infraction may result in further tightening of our security, possibly decreasing the entire cosplay experience for all attendees. Because of recent high profile events that have heightened security and safety concerns, real weapons are prohibited at Pacific Media Expo {PMX) and other PMA events.

  1. Compliance with the Law
    All weapons worn as props {simulations, replicas, etc.) must conform to all local, state and federal laws, including but not limited to the “Dangerous Weapons Control Law,” Part 4, Title 2, Section 12000-12590 of the California Penal Code {CPC). All such props must be inspected and registered by Pacific Media Expo Security/Safety staff, the security or public safety personnel of the facility, and/or the local Police or Sheriff for compliance.
  2. California law prohibits convention attendees from carrying genuine firearms, whether loaded or unloaded.
    All genuine firearms must be checked with the host facility at the front desk. Any persons found to have firearms in their possession {except those covered under section 12002 of the CPC) at the convention is subject to arrest and confiscation of their weapon by the facility’s security or public safety personnel and/or the local Police or Sheriff. Furthermore, they may have their memberships revoked without refund by the PMA and be asked to leave and check out of the participating hotels.
  3. Prohibited Weapons
    All weapons, functional or nonfunctional, including but not limited to firearms, crossbows, throwing knives, stars, bows, boomerangs, darts, flame throwers, tasers (stun guns), etc., are prohibited.
  4. Replica Weapons
    Replica weapons (e.g., Airsoft guns), which must only be used as props or display, may be allowed if the replica weapon is inspected, approved, and peace bonded (see Section 6 below) by Pacific Media Expo Security/Safety Staff. Use of the replica weapon may be revoked at any time without cause or warning. The local Police or Sheriff and the facility’s security or public safety staff also have the option of revoking or preventing an attendee’s ability to display a replica weapon.
  5. Props
    All props that look threatening or can still potentially harm others must be inspected by Pacific Media Expo Security/Safety staff, the facility’s security or public safety staff, or the local Police or Sheriff. All parties reserve the right to insist on inspection and approval of all props. The bearer will be required to sign a legal waiver excluding anyone else from legal obligation concerning the weapon and any damages resulting from its use. Full information of the owner of the prop  (driver license or identification number, membership number, room number, phone number, address, etc.) plus a description and/or photograph of the weapon itself will be required. This information will be kept by Pacific Media Expo, the facility’s security or public safety office, or the local Police or Sheriff.
  6. Inspection & Peace Bonding
    PMA requires that all weapons/replicas/props be inspected by PMX Security/Safety staff. Peace bonding is the process of marking and/or binding props. In certain cases, props may be bound in such a way as to render them unusable. Peace bonding is performed at the Pacific Media Expo Security/Safety room or at designated locations around the convention. Peace bonding may also occur any time or place at the discretion of Security/Safety staff on the field. Even if the weapon/replica/prop has already been peace-bonded, any security/safety officer or personnel may re-inspect the item at their discretion. The owner of the weapon/replica/prop is solely responsible for the weapon/replica/prop and its usage at all times, even if they are not the wielder, and even if the weapon has been inspected.

Pacific Media Expo (PMX) is committed to helping ensure all our members are able to enjoy their experiences at our event. As such we work with our venues to ensure accessibility to the fullest extent they currently offer. Below are the accessibility policies for our venues.

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance: In accordance with ADA, the facility is responsible for permanent premises access accommodations, including but not limited to ramp access, restroom accessibility, elevator standards, and door width standards. It is the licensee’s responsibility to provide non-permanent accessibility requirements, such as, but not limited to, hearing assisted or visually assisted devices, and temporary seating accessibility and/or interpreters.

Not sure what this Convention thing is all about? We can help!

Pacific Media Expo (PMX) is a convention. Pricing for conventions is something like a carnival, except that most of the attractions don’t have their own tickets. You just need to show your membership badge at the door to get in. Some events are open to the public (no badge required, but some may have their own tickets). Other events are premium and require a badge as well as their own tickets.

The programming schedule is more like a trade show or culture/film festival. Areas where things are sold tend to run all day, or at least for many hours. Premiere events usually happen at one set time. Programming tracks run all day and have many different features, usually with a similar theme. A convention badge gets you into nearly all of these. Exceptions will be posted at the door of each event that has its own tickets.

There are three types of memberships depending on how many days you will be attending or how many days the convention is running on:

One-Day – Valid for one day, from the morning (usually at 9 a.m.) until the wee hours of the night (like 2 a.m. the next day), depending on the programming schedule for that day.
Two-Day – Works like two One-Day badges for two days of your choosing, usually if the convention is running for three or more days.
Full – Valid throughout all the days of the convention.

There is a sliding discount scale as more days are added to your badge. If you had so much fun that you want to upgrade your badge for the next day, just go to PMX Registration by 8:00 p.m. on Saturday or Sunday. Upgrades cost only the price difference between your old and new badge; there is no upgrade fee.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask the PMX Information Desk. They’ll be more than happy to help you find something you like at PMX!