Join us for PMX’s first ever Cosplay Life Drawing Workshop, all from the comfort of your own home! Life drawing workshops are an amazing resource to work on your drawing fundamentals, and are quintessential to strengthening your figure drawing skills. If you’ve never attended a life drawing workshop before, now is your chance! Our amazing model, Red Rabbu, will hold various poses for a certain amount of time (see session breakdown below). All you have to do is draw her!

We want to see your art from the workshop! If you post your sketches onto social media, don’t forget to tag us. Your art might even be featured by PMX!

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Session Breakdown

10 poses, 2 minutes for each pose
Break: 5 Minutes
6 poses, 5 minutes for each pose
Break: 5 Minutes
3 poses, 10 minutes for each pose
Break: 5 Minutes
1 pose: 20 Minutes

Tip Jar

Show your appreciation for Red Rabbu’s hard work by giving her a tip! Tipping is highly encouraged, and heavily appreciated.

About Model Drawing Collective

Model Drawing Collective is a project spearheaded by Lisa Dosson along with other artists and models, to create safe, welcoming and inclusive spaces. MDC provides Life Drawing sessions for people with an interest in animation, storytelling and fine arts. Thanks to the collaboration with different animation studios and independent spaces, MDC hosts sessions across the Los Angeles area. Whether it’s a private event or open to the public, the mission remains consistent:  Empowering models, inspiring artists. 

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About Red Rabbu

Professional anime artist and cosplayer, because it’s not enough to just draw the anime girl, I had to BE the anime girl too! I’ve been a freelance artist and art model for a solid decade and still going!

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Panel: Sunday, November 22
  • Time
  • Sunday, November 22
  • Workshop
  • “Cosplay Life Drawing Workshop”: K/DA Akali
    hosted by Model Drawing Collective.

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Cosplay Life Drawing Workshop hosted by Model Drawing Collective