Presenters: Ashi-Chan, GNBCosplay, Angel Tenshi, Pei-Pei

Chocolate Covered Cosplay, or C3, is a SoCal based group of African American Women who unify under their mission statement “To promote the freedom of cosplay no matter one’s race, size, color, shape or gender. We spread diversity awareness through our life stories and open dialogue, to encourage empowerment and self validation within the geek community.” Come see what C3 is all about as they discuss diversity and positivity within the cosplay community. They look forward to meeting you!

Panel: Sunday, November 22
  • Time
  • Sunday, November 22
  • Fan Panel
  • “Diversity in the Cosplay Community”
    presented by Ashi-Chan, GNBCosplay, Angel Tenshi, Pei-Pei


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