Panel Description

Learn some basic but essential phrases that will be useful when traveling to Korea. From asking how to get around, to ordering food, to bargaining when shopping, we’ll go over all of the most important words and phrases. We will also teach you some words to help you sound more like a native, as well as other fun topics such as drinking culture, slang, etc.

Come and see the Basic Korean panel during the PMX Charity Livestream on Twitch at 4PM on Saturday, July 17.

About Jieun Lee

Jieun Lee will be teaching basic Korean.

Jieun was born in Korean and currently lives in Los Angeles, California, working as a graphic designer. She will teach you some real Korean phrases and slang that you will actually use when visiting Korea.


Panel Details

The panel will be streamed live on Twitch at 4PM on Saturday, July 17, 2021. Questions will be accepted during the livestream through chat.

Cultural Panel: Basic Korean
Saturday, July 17
  • Time
  • Saturday, July 17
    4PM – 5PM
  • Cultural Panel
  • Basic Korean
    with Jieun Leee