Panel Description

Folklore and supernatural stories are an integral part of Filipino culture. Sapphire (Stories With Sapphire), Ethan (Tabi Tabi Pod), and Earl (Philippines Campfire Stories) are Filipino podcasters who share these kinds of stories on their podcasts. They will each be narrating a story, followed by a discussion about the cultural significance of each.

Come and see Ethan Dashnier, Earl Matito, and Sapphire Sandalo during the PMX Charity Livestream on Twitch at 9PM on Saturday, July 17.

About Sapphire Sandalo

Sapphire SandaloSapphire Sandalo is an animator, podcaster, and host in Los Angeles. She created the web series and award nominated podcast “Something Scary.” She is a recurring Paranormal Expert on “Paranormal Caught On Camera” and “Paranormal Night Shift” on Travel Channel. She is a part-time professor at Loyola Marymount University, where she teaches a class about the importance of diversity and accurate representation in animation and entertainment. She created the web series and award winning podcast “Stories With Sapphire” to encourage more cultural diversity within the paranormal community, because there is so much more to the spirit realm than the white figures (living and dead) we currently see on TV and in movies.

About Earl Matito

Earl Matito

Earl Matito is originally from Bulacan in the Philippines but is currently residing in Northern California. Aside from being a hotelier between 8 to 5, he runs a podcast called Philippine Campfire Stories which is co-produced by Podcast Network Asia. The show is about stories of Philippine mythologies, legends and other peculiar tales. He narrates the stories in pure Filipino and will make you feel like you are out on a night camp in front of a bonfire

About Ethan Dashnier

Ethan Dashnier

My name is Ethan, 27 years old artist and host of Tabi-Tabi Podcast from the Philippines. I am obsessed with Philippine folklore and want to share the stories from my culture with the world with the hopes that people will learn something.

Panel Details

The panel will be streamed live on Twitch at 9PM on Saturday, July 17, 2021. Questions will be accepted during the livestream through chat.

Cultural Panel: Stories With Sapphire And Friends
Saturday, July 17
  • Time
  • Saturday, July 17
    9PM – 10PM
  • Cultural Panel
  • Stories With Sapphire And Friends
    with Ethan Dashnier, Earl Matito, and Sapphire Sandalo