We are happy to announce that the Anime Music Video (AMV) Contest will be back for Pacific Media Expo 2018. Amaze your friends by showcasing your anime video editing skills! Entertain others with your brand of storytelling!

Video categories will be: Action • Comedy • Drama.


Category Description Prize
Best of Show AMV with the highest total votes by the audience $200
Best of Action AMV with the highest total votes by the audience in the Action category $100
Best of Comedy AMV with the highest total votes by the audience in the Comedy category $100
Best of Drama AMV with the highest total votes by the audience in the Drama category $100
PMX Staff Pick AMV with the highest total votes by the PMX staff PMX Goodies

Additional prizes may be added.

PMX 2018 Anime Music Video Contest Rules

  1. Each entry will be limited to a maximum length of six (6) minutes. Any entry that exceeds the maximum time allowed will be subject to disqualification.
  2. Entries that contain excessive nudity, offensive language, and/or extreme graphic violence may be disqualified at the AMV Coordinator’s discretion.
  3. Anime Music Video entries may be submitted in the specified digital formats listed below.
  4. Accepted Video Formats/Codecs:
    Recommended Export Settings
    Video Codec: H.264
    File Formats: .MOV and .MP4
    Frame Rate: 24 fps
    Resolution: 1920×1080
    Rejected File Format: .WMV

  5. Use the following scheme when naming your video file:
    PMX 2018 AMV – [your name or group name] – [video title or entry number].
    Examples: “PMX 2018 AMV – John Doe – Tifa Is Kawaii.mp4”
    or “PMX 2018 AMV – XYZGroup – entry 1.mov”
  6. Videos sent in by mail will be accepted using the following media only: CD, DVD, SD card, micro SD card or flash drive. Tape format (i.e., VHS, SVHS, and SVHS-ET) will NOT be accepted. (Seriously, we live in the digital age!) NOTE: We will not be able to return the media.
  7. A total of five (5) Anime Music Video entries will be permitted per group, studio, team, or individual. Contestants wanting to participate in multiple groups, studios, teams, and/or as an individual party will be allowed to enter a MAXIMUM of five (5) videos. Any additional submissions past the first five (5) will be disqualified.
  8. Only two entries per group, studio, team, or person will be permitted to progress on to the finals for each category. Yes, the possibility of sweeping is there!
  9. Video intros and exits must be free of any and all text not directly related to the video content itself. Do not include studio bumpers, video credits, or any lead-in/lead-out. Doing so will be grounds for disqualification.
  10. An entry must be predominantly (at least 80%) anime and/or video game footage. The audio portion must be primarily music. Excessive use of live action sequences and/or narration/dialog may be grounds for disqualification.
  11. An entry with poor video and/or audio quality will be rejected.
  12. PMX reserves the right to reject any entry based on our discretion.
  13. Submitted media cannot be returned. PMX is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged media.
  14. Contest winners that are attending PMX will have their prize(s) presented to them at the convention. Prizes for contest winners (U.S. Residents) not in attendance may have their prizes mailed to them. PMX WILL NOT mail prizes to addresses outside the United States.
  15. Each mailed entry must be identified and submitted with a completed PMX 2018 AMV Entry Form.
  16. Entries that have won five (5) or more awards in other contests will be disqualified.

An AMV Contest Entry Form is required for EACH entry. Access the online entry form HERE or print out the entry form HERE.


Entries can be submitted online or via postal mail.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.