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Join PMX’s Discord

This year with PMX having its Dealers Market and Artists Market online, we are gathering artists and dealers from all over the United States to show off their wares, skills, and crafts. To better connect, we created a PMX Discord server. The PMX Discord server lets fans reconnect with old convention friends and connect with […]

Streaming Demos

We will host live demonstrations of our artists during PMX weekend. Watch our artists draw, craft, paint, and more. This is a live stream for you to ask questions and talk to the artists. If you’re participating in the PMX Artists Market, you can apply to be apart of the Live Demo schedule. Just fill […]

Dealers Market Online

PMX will host a Virtual Dealers Market for 2020. Come to PMX throughout the day to chat with dealers and see their merchandise and wares. Mark your calendars for PMX on November 21-22! If you’re a retailer and interested in being in the Virtual Dealers Market, fill out the PMX 2020 Virtual Dealers Market Application. […]

Virtual Artists Market

Applications are now available for the PMX 2020 Virtual Artists Market! If you want to participate, fill out the PMX 2020 Virtual Artists Market Application today! Sorry, but the application deadline has passed! This year, because of COVID-19, PMX will be having its Artists Market online. We will gather artists from all over to show […]