Cosplay Life Drawing Workshop hosted by Model Drawing Collective

Cosplay Life Drawing Workshop

Join us for PMX’s first ever Cosplay Life Drawing Workshop, all from the comfort of your own home! Life drawing workshops are an amazing resource to work on your drawing fundamentals, and are quintessential to strengthening your figure drawing skills. If you’ve never attended a life drawing workshop before, now is your chance! Our amazing model, Red Rabbu, will hold various poses for a certain amount of time (see session breakdown below). All you have to do is draw her!

We want to see your art from the workshop! If you post your sketches onto social media, don’t forget to tag us. Your art might even be featured by PMX!

Twitter: @PacificMediaXpo
IG: @Pacificmediaexpo
Facebook: @Pacificmediaexpo

Session Breakdown

10 poses, 2 minutes for each pose
Break: 5 Minutes
6 poses, 5 minutes for each pose
Break: 5 Minutes
3 poses, 10 minutes for each pose
Break: 5 Minutes
1 pose: 20 Minutes

Tip Jar

Show your appreciation for Red Rabbu’s hard work by giving her a tip! Tipping is highly encouraged, and heavily appreciated.

About Model Drawing Collective

Model Drawing Collective is a project spearheaded by Lisa Dosson along with other artists and models, to create safe, welcoming and inclusive spaces. MDC provides Life Drawing sessions for people with an interest in animation, storytelling and fine arts. Thanks to the collaboration with different animation studios and independent spaces, MDC hosts sessions across the Los Angeles area. Whether it’s a private event or open to the public, the mission remains consistent:  Empowering models, inspiring artists. 

Visit our free online sessions at:

About Red Rabbu

Professional anime artist and cosplayer, because it’s not enough to just draw the anime girl, I had to BE the anime girl too! I’ve been a freelance artist and art model for a solid decade and still going!

Social Media:


Panel: Sunday, November 22
  • Time
  • Sunday, November 22
  • Workshop
  • “Cosplay Life Drawing Workshop”: K/DA Akali
    hosted by Model Drawing Collective.
Writing for Animation: Animation Studio Pros Will Share Insights in Panel

Writing For Animation

Portfolio review sales will close at 11:30p.m. Pacific time November 29.

Akira “Mark” Fujita

Akira “Mark” Fujita has been working in the animation industry for 10 years. After starting in animation production on Bob’s Burgers, Animals, Scooby Doo: Wrestlemania Mystery, and Green Lantern: The Animated Series he finally broke through to his true calling, and has been writing on Justice League Action, Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart, and other shows at Netflix, Dreamworks, and Warner Bros.

Sapphire Sandalo

Sapphire Sandalo is an animator and podcaster in Los Angeles who’s written for short-form educational series in the digital space for channels such as Frederator and Skybound Entertainment. She created the web series and podcast “Something Scary” where she told both original and adapted ghost stories, accompanied by animation. She is a part-time professor at Loyola Marymount University, where she teaches a class about the importance of diversity and accurate representation in animation and entertainment. She is currently the creator and writer of “Stories With Sapphire”, a podcast that dives deep into paranormal stories and subjects.

Austin Curreri

Austin first freelanced as a writer for Frederator from August 2019 to December 2019, then was asked to join Frederator as a Writer and Production Intern. His other professional experiences include freelancing as a Production Assistant for NBC, Turner, and Major League Soccer. His personal work includes “Amasai and the Meaning of Evil”, which placed semifinalist in Screencraft’s 2019 Fellowship Competition and quarterfinalist in their 2019 Animation Competition, and “It’s All For You”, which placed quarterfinalist in the 2020 Animation Competition.

Writing Portfolio Review

Our writers for the “Writing for Animation” panel, are trying to raise money for “Doctor’s Without Borders”! You have the choice of either donating directly to “Doctors Without Borders”, or purchase a Writing portfolio review with one of our writers. All proceeds from review purchases will go directly to “Doctors Without Borders”.

To donate directly to “Doctor’s Without Borders”, go here:

To purchase a writing portfolio review, go here: (please note that this URL recently changed)

How To Purchase:

  • Click register.
  • Find the package you’d like to purchase.
  • Check out.
  • Our staff will email you the email address to send your writing to.

Portfolio review sales will close at 11:30p.m. Pacific time November 29.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submissions will be limited to writing samples, scripts, and pitches, with a 10 page limit.
  • Each submission will be assigned randomly to one of our writers from the panel.
  • Participants will be sent the email address to send their writing to after purchase confirmation.

Panel Description

Take part in a free live panel with writers: Akira “Mark” Fujita, Sapphire Sandalo, and Austin Curreri!

Hosted by Tiffy Wang (IchigoTofu), join us as we discuss what it’s like to write for animation, their career journeys, and advice for industry hopefuls.

Panel Details

The panel will be streamed live on Twitch on November, 21, 2020 at 1PM Pacific time. Questions will be accepted during the live stream through chat.

Panel: Saturday, November 21
  • Time
  • Saturday, November 21
  • Panel
  • “Writing For Animation”
    hosted by Tiffy Wang (IchigoTofu).


Akira “Mark” Fujita (panelist):
Sapphire Sandalo (panelist):
Austin Curreri (panelist):
Tiffy “IchigoTofu” Wang (host):
Elisa Phillips is appearing at PMX 2020.

Industry Guest: Elisa Phillips

Elisa Phillips has been working in TV Animation as both a Color and Character Designer since 2014. Among her credits are “Rick & Morty”, “Venture Bros”, and “Steven Universe”.

While attending Mt. San Antonio College in 2008, Elisa became interested in animation as a career path and pursued it passionately. After graduating, she animated web videos remotely for How It Works Media while teaching art for OC Art Studios, an after-school art program based in Orange County. During this time she also worked for Mt. San Antonio College as a part-time IT Lab Technician in the Art Department sharing her knowledge and experience with students while considering her next move. In 2014 she decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Animation at Laguna College of Art + Design and received a half scholarship. Her plans changed when, after her first semester, she was tested and subsequently hired onto season 2 of Rick and Morty as a Color Designer.

Rick and Morty pushed to unionize during her first month making her a member of the Animation Guild (TAG). Wanting to learn more about how the union worked, she began joining committees and networking with involved union members and leadership. Today she sits on the union’s Executive Board, is a founding member of the Political Action Committee, and a TAG delegate to the past 3 years’ IATSE District 2 Conventions.

Panel Description

Take part in a free live panel with our industry guest Emmy Award winning Character Designer, Elisa Phillips. She is best known for her work on “Rick & Morty”, “Venture Bros.”, and “Steven Universe”.

Hosted by Tiffy Wang (IchigoTofu), join us as we discuss Elisa’s career journey, advice for animation industry hopefuls, and what it’s like to make cartoons for a living!

Panel Details

The panel will be streamed live on Twitch on November, 21, 2020 at 4PM Pacific time. Questions will be accepted during the live stream through chat.

Character Design Live Demo

Want to know what it takes to become a lead character designer for the Emmy Award winning show “Rick and Morty”? Look no further! Sit in on a master live demo with Elisa Phillips, as she shows you the basics to character design for animation. This live demo will be livestreamed on PMX’s Twitch on Saturday November 21st, 2020 from 6-7PM Pacific time

Panel: Saturday, November 21
  • Time
  • Saturday, November 21
  • Panel
  • “Q&A with Elisa Phillips”
    hosted by Tiffy Wang (IchigoTofu).
Character Design Live Demo: Saturday, November 21
  • Time
  • Saturday, November 21
  • Live Demo
  • Character Design with Elisa Phillips

Social Media Links

Elisa Phillips (panelist):
Tiffy “IchigoTofu” Wang (host):
PMX's Discord server welcomes fans, dealers, and artists.

Join PMX’s Discord

This year with PMX having its Dealers Market and Artists Market online, we are gathering artists and dealers from all over the United States to show off their wares, skills, and crafts. To better connect, we created a PMX Discord server.

The PMX Discord server lets fans reconnect with old convention friends and connect with new ones. Come join the server and let’s build a community together!

See you there!

PMX Discord server invite link:

PMX hosts live demonstrations by artists and crafters

Streaming Demos

We will host live demonstrations of our artists during PMX weekend. Watch our artists draw, craft, paint, and more. This is a live stream for you to ask questions and talk to the artists.

If you’re participating in the PMX Artists Market, you can apply to be apart of the Live Demo schedule. Just fill out the PMX 2020 Live Demo Application. Sorry, but the application deadline has passed!

Find out more at the PMX Artists Market webpage.

PMX will host an online Dealers Market

Dealers Market Online

PMX will host a Virtual Dealers Market for 2020. Come to PMX throughout the day to chat with dealers and see their merchandise and wares. Mark your calendars for PMX on November 21-22!

If you’re a retailer and interested in being in the Virtual Dealers Market, fill out the PMX 2020 Virtual Dealers Market Application. PMX is no longer accepting Dealers Market Applications.

Find out more at the PMX Dealers Market webpage.

PMX will host a Virtual Artists Market

Virtual Artists Market

Applications are now available for the PMX 2020 Virtual Artists Market! If you want to participate, fill out the PMX 2020 Virtual Artists Market Application today! Sorry, but the application deadline has passed!

This year, because of COVID-19, PMX will be having its Artists Market online. We will gather artists from all over to show off their skills and crafts. Come by visit us during PMX weekend and you’ll be able to chat and interact with our group of artists!

Find out more at the PMX Artists Market webpage.

Dealers Room at PMX

PMX Artists/Dealers Happy Hour

From 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM each day of the convention, Artist Market and Dealers spaces will be open to the general public. No badge will be required to get into the Exhibition Hall.

With a goal of promoting anime conventions to the local community, the PMX Exhibit Hall that contains the Artist Market and Dealers spaces will be open to the general public for free during the final hour of each day. Although o badge will be required to get into the Exhibit Hall, the public will not get access to the other parts of the convention.

For more information, see our Facebook Event: