Intro to Note Reading Workshop

Intro to Note Reading Workshop

Amie Ma is an active freelance clarinetist and instrumental music educator in the Southern California region. She has performed in the Symphonic Winds of the Pacific, Orange County Wind Symphony, Southern California Philharmonic, Brendan Eder Ensemble, and the Stratus Chamber Orchestra. Amie has taken the stage at diverse venues around Los Angeles, including the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the El Rey Theatre. She currently teaches instrumental music in public education.

Workshop Description

Take part in a free workshop with professional musician Amie Ma. She will be instructing an introduction workshop to note reading and sheet music reading. The workshop will be streamed live on Twitch on November, 21, 2020 at 10AM Pacific time.

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Workshop: Saturday, November 21
  • Time
  • Saturday, November 21
  • Workshop
  • “Intro to Note Reading and Sheet Music Workshop”
    by Amie Ma, Clarinetist.
Timora Talks featuring DaizyStripper at PMX

Timora Talks feat. DaizyStripper (presented by Chaotic Harmony)

DaizyStripper was formed in March 2007. Their songs have resonated with their listeners for many years, and the emotions they capture in their performances have contributed to their longevity. Their songs regularly hit the Oricon charts in their genre. Their 9th single, Setsubou no Freesia, was used as an ending song for Yu-gi-oh ZEXAL in 2011.

DaizyStripper is no stranger to performing overseas. They attended Animethon in Canada and Otakon in the USA. In a genre where bands often break up quickly, DaizyStripper has remained a strong unit for over thirteen years. Their songs are high energy and upbeat, and their aesthetic is vibrant and eye-catching. DaizyStripper is looking forward to making their first appearance at PMX, albeit virtually, and they are excited to meet their overseas fans.

Panel: Sunday, November 22
  • Time
  • Sunday, November 22
  • Panel
  • Timora Talks feat. DaizyStripper
    presented by Chaotic Harmony.


DaizyStripper music video:
DaizyStripper official website:
DaizyStripper twitter:
Timora Talks featuring heidi. at PMX

Timora Talks feat. heidi. (presented by Chaotic Harmony)

heidi. debuted as a band on June 3rd, 2006. Their songs capture the hearts of the listeners with their expressive melodies and lyrics that go straight to the heart. In 2010, their singles Yokan and ∞Loop were used as the ending theme songs for the TBS anime Kaichou no Maid-sama. In 2011, their single Gekkou Showtime was the theme song for the movie Maebashi Visual Kei, and they not only provided the song but also appeared in the movie!

heidi. has a lot of experience performing overseas. They have toured in Europe and participated in events in the Philippines and the USA. Having been together as a band for over fourteen years, their stability is definitely one of their strong points. heidi. is very excited to be back at PMX, even just virtually, and they look forward to seeing all of their overseas fans again.

Panel: Saturday, November 21
  • Time
  • Saturday, November 21
  • Panel
  • Timora Talks feat. heidi.
    presented by Chaotic Harmony.
Musician Stephanie Yanez to sing live at virtual PMX.

Stephanie Yanez Anisong/Jpop Music Performance

Stephanie Yanez is an Anime/Jpop artist who has been touring the US and Japan since she won AX Idol at Anime Expo and is known for releasing an original song “Ultimate Miku World” with Hatsune Miku for gaming site TinierMe. Stephanie has released numerous original albums and cover albums in Japanese and English which are all on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. She is also a TV/Internet personality and was seen on TV as the Tokyo Reporter for Anime Select’s Comcast On Demand documentary and series “Crazy Sexy Tokyo”.

Musician Stephanie Yanez to sing live at virtual PMX.Stephanie also does runway/print modeling and collaborates with many Japanese and American companies on various projects. She has worked with TinierMe, San-X, Crypton Future Media, galaxxxy, Sanrio, Aniplex, Geneon, IVE Sound, Broccoli, Gcrest, Victor Entertainment, Ingram, Her Universe, Hot Topic, Level-5, Nintendo, Yokai Watch, Loot Crate, GKIDS, Universal Home Entertainment, Viz Media, Tokyopop, Anime Selects, Comcast On Demand, ACDC Rag, Listen Flavor, Tune in Tokyo, NX on Netflix, Care Bears, Popkiller, Atsuko, Carpool Karaoke The Mic, Creatorsguild, etc.

Come and see Stephanie Yanez during PMX weekend, November 21 & 22.

Sunday, November 22
  • Time
  • Sunday, November 22
    3PM – 3:30PM
  • Performance
  • Stephanie Yanez Anisong/Jpop Music Performance
Haru at PMX

Music Guest of Honor: haru

BLEACH anime song artist and j-rock soloist haru (from universe) will appear at PMX 2018 and Neko Con 2018 in a east-west coast collaboration with Chaotic Harmony!

haru from universe

As the vocalist for universe, haru’s overwhelming singing voice dazzled the crowd at the Lotte x Sony Music’s “Uta no Aru Gum Project” competition, beating out five thousand other people to win the grand prize. The single “Haruiro” (the song in the commercial for Lotte Ghana milk chocolate) was their major debut. Their second single “echoes” was used as the theme song for the Tokyo television anime “BLEACH”. haru was the first Japanese artist to ever release an official cover of U2’s “Vertigo”, and he has been expanding his overseas performances by appearing two years in a row at Anime Weekend Atlanta, as well as giving a show in front of 3,000 people at Berlin’s AniMaCo.

He has also garnered attention as the singer for the song used for MONSTER SUMMER!! Zettai Hansha Shugihen (Monster Strike (Monster) TV commercial).

haru from universe

During the summer of 2017, haru embarked on his first European tour as a soloist, performing a total of six shows in four countries, including Germany, France, Netherlands, and Belgium. In 2018, he returned to Europe twice more. The first time on tour visiting France, Belgium, and Italy where he attended Comicon and again in June 2018 to attend Magnificon in Poland. He is looking forward to doing more shows overseas and is excited to add Los Angeles and Virginia to his resume.

As PMX 2018’s Musical Guest of Honor, haru will perform both a live in concert and a special accoustic set, host a Q&A panel, as well as hold autograph sessions. Exclusive VIP packages for haru are available for PMX through Chaotic Harmony.

Special $20 VIP packages include:

  • Front of line privileges
  • 2-shot cheki with haru
  • Free poster
  • Front seats at the special acoustic concert

VIP Packages are limited so purchase yours today at:

See haru’s special message to PMX 2018 and Nekocon guests!

Wish 107.5 Bus

Wish 107.5 Bus

Wish 107.5 is an all-hits FM radio station in the Philippines. When it first hit the airwaves in August 2014, it promised to grant your fervent wish of making your radio more than a typical music-box-on-air.

Wish 107.5 unveiled the first and the only Mobile Radio Booth in the Philippines, now known as the WISH 107.5 Bus. Equipped with state-of-the-art broadcast facilities, it took the traditional radio experience beyond the four-walled booth as it brought music right where most of the listening public are — streets, roads, and parks.

With the capabilities it offers, the Wish 107.5 Bus is on the right track in leaving an indelible mark in the music scene. The desire to bring this concept to more audience fuels the station to continue embarking on a journey that would forever change the course of music and radio broadcast history of the Philippines and the World, transforming itself from being a local FM station to becoming a sought-after WISHclusive gateway to the world.

Location: Outside Terrace
Special Event Hours:

Saturday, October 27 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Sunday, October 28 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Music Featured Guest: Cali Crisis

Cali Crisis is a synthpop duo made up of indie artist Plasmic and American Anime/Jpop artist Stephanie Yanez.

Once upon a cyberpunk time a nerdy girl with pink hair named Crisis had an idea. After being bullied day after day she thought it was time to make a friend. She sat down at her pink computer and started to program a friend. A friend that would be a little like Sailor Moon, Mima, Creamy Mami, Kiki, and a little like Lain. She created a magical android girl and called her Cali where everything begins and ends. Cali and Crisis now have joined forces through magic and music to take on the apocalyptic world. Nothing will get in their way.


Performance Info:

Date: Saturday, 10/27
Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Location: Main Events, BRAND BALLROOM