Developing a Visual Novel Game From Scratch

Developing a Visual Novel Game From Scratch

Presented by Nochi Studios, building a game from the ground up can seem like an unachievable task, but anything is possible with the right tools at your disposal! This panel will give you a chance to learn about the many aspects of game development and even ask your burning questions to our diverse team! Panel […]

Featured Cosplayer: Kiyo Tanimoto

Kiyo Tanimoto is appearing at PMX 2020.

Kiyo discusses his knowledge and experience in the realm of health & wellness by sharing his fitness journey to the audience and the methods to transform themselves into their ideal nutritional states. Kiyo shares this discussion with Shou 翔 (Shou Cos) to provide the audience knowledge on developing healthy eating habits, balancing blood sugar levels, […]

Industry Guest: Elisa Phillips

Elisa Phillips is appearing at PMX 2020.

Elisa Phillips has been working in TV Animation as both a Color and Character Designer since 2014. Among her credits are “Rick & Morty”, “Venture Bros”, and “Steven Universe”. While attending Mt. San Antonio College in 2008, Elisa became interested in animation as a career path and pursued it passionately. After graduating, she animated web […]

Stephanie Yanez Anisong/Jpop Music Performance

Musician Stephanie Yanez to sing live at virtual PMX.

Stephanie Yanez is an Anime/Jpop artist who has been touring the US and Japan since she won AX Idol at Anime Expo and is known for releasing an original song “Ultimate Miku World” with Hatsune Miku for gaming site TinierMe. Stephanie has released numerous original albums and cover albums in Japanese and English which are […]