Are you guys ready to bring your cosplay game to PMX this year? That’s awesome because we have several cosplay events planned for you!


Do you have what it takes to win the ultimate talent award? Show us what you got! And the audience will be your judge! Sing, dance, or recreate famous anime scenes!

Please apply here: PMX 2019 Cosplay Talent Show Form

Applications close on October 1, 2019 at 11:59PM


This event is open to all registered convention attendees. You must have a valid PMX badge for the day of the pre-meet and match in order to participate.

Please apply here: PMX 2019 Cosplay Chess Form

Applications close on October 1, 2019 at 11:59PM

General Information:

How to Participate:

Those wishing to participate must complete the following:

  • Online registration form in full.
    • Partial applications will not be considered.

Registration for Cosplay Chess is not a first-come, first-serve; participants will be selected based on experience, needs of the game, and quality of the costume.

If selected to participate, attendance at the pre-meeting is required. Failure to attend will result in replacement in the game(s).

The Game:

There will be 32 chess pieces, as per an average game of chess. Alternates will be selected in the event participants drop out or miss the required pre-meeting. Battles requiring unspecified extras for special attacks shall need to be approved with a member of Cosplay Staff prior to the event.

The Battle:

  1. When a move is made by the Kings or Chess Masters that result in a piece being taken, a battle will take place.
    • All pieces, except those involved, will remove themselves from the board and the pieces will battle. The use of special attacks and moves is encouraged with approval.
  1. The pieces will battle and put on a show for the audience, and the defeated piece will “die” in a dramatic way. Ideal timing for a battle is 1-3 minutes, with a maximum of three minutes.
  2. After the defeated piece leaves the board, all the remaining pieces will return to their previous positions.
    • Positions will not be marked, so you will have to remember the number of your space before the battle started.
  1. If a microphone or assistance of any other kind is needed for your battle, please arrange this with a member of Cosplay Staff before the game, preferably at the pre- meeting.

The Rules:

  1. There shall be little or no physical contact between pieces not currently engaged in battle.
    • During a battle, you may not touch the piece you are “fighting” unless they consent prior to the game.
    • Battles must still adhere to all PMX policies and must not cause harm (bodily or otherwise) to other participants.
    • Consent may be withdrawn at any point prior, during or after the event.
    • If you fail to abide by any PMX policies, you shall be removed from the game immediately and handed over to the convention security.
  1. All entries must be recognizable characters from manga, anime, video games, or another form of popular media.
  2. All costumes must:
  3. Follow all convention policies.
  4. Be self-contained, with no electrical plugs or other outside support required. A costume must be something that the applicant can move in. If your costume is bulky, heavy, or awkward, an explanation should be included with the application explaining in detail how the design of the costume will still allow for enough movement to participate in Cosplay Chess.
  5. All weapons must adhere to the convention’s weapon policy and must be peace-bonded. If Cosplay Staff believes the player is violating the rules of peace-bonding, that player will be removed from the board and replaced.
  6. No props or stage accessories that leave behind material will be allowed. This means no confetti, no fake blood, no rose petals or anything else that could disrupt everyone’s footing or damage the convention space.
  7.   No shoes are allowed on the mats.
  • Socks/stocking/slippers or bare feet only.
    • If you are worried that your shoes cannot be removed for the duration of Cosplay Chess, please see a member of Cosplay Staff prior to the event for approval
  1. Historical, original characters, and celebrity based costumes will be treated on a case by case basis when submitted for consideration. The Cosplay manager might require further information about the historical or original character being submitted or as to why you think the celebrity based character would function in the game.
  2. Images of your finished costume must be submitted with your application. In the event the costume you wish to apply with is not currently finished, include reference pictures, pictures of a previous costume and any pictures you can of the unfinished product. When e-mailing costume updates (mandatory if your costume is unfinished at the time of application) to Cosplay Staff, please remember to include your name, character name, series, and date of the costume update.
  3. Participants will be selected based on previous experience (with theater, martial arts, improv groups or with at-convention events such as Cosplay Chess or Cosplay Contest) and based on the quality of the costume.
  4. Any person or persons wishing to have multiple characters as the same piece are subject to approval and critique by Cosplay Staff. Each inquiry will be taken on a case by case basis. The person or persons are subject to be split up based on the needs for the game instead of being placed as the same piece.
  • You may not request to be multiple characters as one piece.
  • Please note that some participants may be combined into a single piece.
  1.   The game and piece placement is subject to change at any point prior to the event based off the needs of the game by Cosplay Staff.
  2. Punctuality is important.
  • If believe you are going to be a few minutes late, please contact Cosplay Staff.
  • If you are 10 minutes late from call time, you be replaced.
  1. Participants will be chosen and notified of their position approximately a month to two weeks before the convention and will be required to attend a mandatory pre-game meeting at the convention.


Speed dating with a twist! What’s the catch? You have to be in cosplay and STAY IN CHARACTER while you interact with each other.


We love seeing our peeps cosplay from the same series and take photos together. Submit your application and host an awesome gathering of your favorite series!





PMX Masquerade Winners

PMX Masquerade Winners! Thank you so much for a wonderful show. All the participants and costumes were amazing, and we really enjoyed entertaining you at PMX 2019! Many thanks to our staff, the tech crew running the lights and sound, and to our fabulous Judges!

Best in Show: Second Star Cosplay
Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Myu Musicals

Best Craftsmanship: Vania
Vania from GranBlue Fantasy

Best Performance: KUROFUNE
Dream Festival!

Judge’s Award: Princess Jellyfish

Judge’s Award: Azayaka Cosplay
Zephyrmon from Digimon

Photo Courtesy ACParadise, please visit the wonderful !

Cosplay Talent Show Signups are Open!

Alright, ya’ll! The time has come for talented Cosplayers to compete! Sing, dance, or recreate famous anime scenes; the audience will be your judge!

Sign ups open today, so click here to show us what you’ve got!

  • Date
  • Sunday, Nov 10
  • Time
  • 10AM – 12PM
  • Location
  • TBD

Win the 2019 Masquerade!

Hey all!

You know you want to win a trophy and a cash prize!

We run a fun show with knowledgeable judges and our fantastic veteran staff. We welcome new cosplayers wanting to try out competition for the first time as well as experienced competitors. We promise you will get to watch the show and cheer on your friends. Come have a great time and win some wonderful prizes!

All you have to do is sign up for PMX’s Cosplay Contest taking place on Saturday, November 9! Sign up here!

Click here for more information!

Cash prizes and categories include:
Judge’s Award: $100
Performance Award: $250
Craftsmanship Award: $250
Best in Show: $500

Plus the winners of this year’s Masquerade will receive PMX 2019 trophies! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

To enter, visit our Cosplay Page and register today!

Event: Cosplay Talent Show

Do you have what it takes to win the ultimate talent award? Show us what you got! And the audience will be your judge! Sing, dance, or recreate famous anime scenes!

Sign up today!

  • Date
  • Sunday, Nov 10
  • Time
  • 10AM – 12PM
  • Location
  • TBD

PMX Dance Party with Cosplay Happy Hour

Dance the night away and show off your best moves during our PMX2019 Dance party with a cosplay happy hour!

  • Date
  • Saturday, Nov 9
  • Time
  • 11PM – 1AM
  • Location
  • TBD

Cosplay Chess

Cosplay is one of Asia’s favorite past times and chess is one of the world’s oldest games, played by millions of people worldwide. This year, we combine the two in a single delicious event. In this one-of-a-kind chess performance, characters come alive and fight to the death with charm, wit, and comedy. Cosplayers take the place of the pieces. There are choreographed fights that determine whether the piece is actually taken or not.

This event is open to all registered convention attendees. You must have a valid PMX badge for the day of the pre-meet and match in order to participate. We require sign-ups, though people who wish to play can always see if there is an open spot before the game starts (we sometimes have no-shows, and thus, need to fill the empty spots)

Exercise your mental abilities while dressed in your finest and show off your finishing move against other cosplayers in an epic battle of beauty and brains.

  • Date
  • Saturday, Nov 9
  • Time
  • 8PM – 9:45PM
  • Location
  • TBD

Cosplay Speed Dating

Speed dating with a twist! What’s the catch?

You have to be in cosplay and STAY IN CHARACTER while you interact with each other.

  • Date
  • Saturday, Nov 9
  • Time
  • 6PM – 7PM
  • Location
  • LP1

Cosplay Featured Guest: Tara Azarian

Tara Cosplay (Tara-Nicole Azarian in real life) is the energetic, quirky content creator, actress, disabled model, host and cosplayer. She is a series regular on the new TV show “Crazy” where she plays ADDIE (a disabled character). She is known for her unique combination of girl-next-door sex appeal and brains! She is well known in the cosplay community as the Pin-up cosplayer with a cheeky sense of humor. Her Instagram feed always provides a good dose of eye candy and clever puns.

Tara is a strong advocate of the movement: ANYONE can cosplay. As a person with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (heart condition), Degenerative Disc Disease, Arthritis in her spine, Lupus, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Fibromyalgia, Asthma and Scoliosis, she understands the challenges and rewards of being a cosplayer with disabilities. She is living proof that cosplay can help transport a person to a place where they feel stronger and more empowered, like the superhero they are portraying. Cosplay has helped her come to peace with living with her disabilities.

At San Diego Comic Con 2018 she was won a Cosplay Creator Award from the SYFY Network for her gender-bend Elvis Presley Cosplay! Receiving this award is one of her favorite cosplay moments!

Come and meet Tara at her table at Artists Market all day Saturday, November 9th or during her Panel on Sunday.

Panel: Sunday, November 10
  • Time
  • 12PM – 1PM
  • Panel
  • “Cosplay Modeling With a Disability”
    hosted by published, disabled, cosplay model Tara Cosplay.
  • Location
  • Live Programming 1 (Glendale Ballroom 1-3)